transitioning into a vegan lifestyle

Vegan cake = <3

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I made this lovely cake for last weekend’s Cookie Fund.  (I also made Pumpkin Chipperdoodles!)

Well, there was an entire cake.  But it got eaten before I could take pictures!!
The frosting got rave reviews.  It’s a really standard recipe:  Earth Balance, powdered sugar, cocoa powder, and a splash of vanilla almondmilk.  I rarely ever measure out my frosting ingredients– I just mix and add until it’s got the right consistency.

It’s a lovely cake, maybe a little dense but very moist and tasty.  The fluffy frosting is the crowning touch for some reason– the pure cocoa flavor with the slight nuttiness from the tofu blends so well even though the frosting is so very simple.


Author: foodplusthoughts

Hi, I’m Sabine. Welcome to my blog! I love food. I bake like crazy and making dinner is one of my favorite activities– it’s never been a chore. Recently, however, I’ve started to delve into the world of vegan eating. I’m still an omnivore currently, but I am exploring and learning all the time about vegetarian and vegan living. With this blog, I hope to share my recipes, ideas, and explorations with you! I’m also a college student. You’ll see some of my random (or not-so-random) thoughts, poems, and non-food related ideas posted here as well! Thanks so much for reading. And if you find any inspiration from my work– awesome! I’d love to know :) xoxo, Sabine

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