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Warning:  This post has a lot of pictures.

But this is just too gorgeous not to share.

To me, there are few things that scream summertime louder than fresh fruit.  Eating seasonally is great because there’s always a variety, so things never get dull!  Spring brings greens; summer (we’ve said) is for fruit; fall means pumpkin patches and those lovely pick-’em-yourself farms; winter is for squashes root vegetables.

Summer is definitely the prettiest.

This fruit pizza is simple, refreshing, and visually stunning.  Even a young child could make the fruit topping into an incomparable masterpiece.  There’s something about beautiful food that makes feels right to me:  after all, we couldn’t survive without food, and that makes food beautiful.  Beautifying it even further seems like the proper thing to do.  This pizza is art, pure and simple– and functional.  You can add color– and suit preferences– by using different fruits.  Imagine a rectangular pizza with red, white, and blue for the 4th of July!

This pretty tart looks fairly rustic.  It’s easy and fast to make, and it’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Who wouldn’t fall in love with those berries?!

We had pizza at my house tonight.  Double pizza, actually.  We made pizza and then had fruit pizza for dessert!  This charming b&w shows them both :)

It is a feast for the eyes and a feast for the tummy.  The sweet, fresh berries on a creamy frosting all over a giant sugar cookie crust– I could never tire of this dessert.  I love adding kiwis for a jewel green, raspberries to pair with the blackberries, and even peaches to add a contrast.

Here’s the method.  It’s exceedingly simple.

Summer Fruit Pizza
serves about 10 •  can be vegan
1.  Make your favorite sugar cookie dough recipe.  I made a double batch of these amazing cookies.
2.  Chill the dough for at least an hour.  It’ll hold together better, and the crust will end up soft, not crunchy.
3.  Spray a pizza pan (or cookie sheet) with nonstick spray.  Roll out the dough onto the pan and bake at 325 degrees for 10-14 minutes, until the edges are lightly browned and the crust feels slightly firm to the touch.  It’ll look a little underdone, but that’s good (unless you want a crunchy crust.  Then you should cook it a little more!)
4.  Let the crust cool completely before frosting.
5.  Make the frosting!  Use your favorite cream cheese frosting.  Be sure to use vegan cream cheese and nondairy milk!  About 1/4 c. “butter” and 1/4 c. “cream cheese”, softened, with a little vanilla, plus powdered sugar and a little “milk” if needed will make about the right amount of frosting for this pizza.
6.  Frost the crust and top with as many berries as desired!
7.  Store this beauty in the fridge… if there’s any leftovers, which seems unlikely to me :)

It’s also fun to press the dough into little muffin cups, bake, then add a dollop of frosting and some fruit on top for darling little fruit tarts!

I encourage you to give it a try!  It’s worth more than the very little effort it takes to put together :)


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Hi, I’m Sabine. Welcome to my blog! I love food. I bake like crazy and making dinner is one of my favorite activities– it’s never been a chore. Recently, however, I’ve started to delve into the world of vegan eating. I’m still an omnivore currently, but I am exploring and learning all the time about vegetarian and vegan living. With this blog, I hope to share my recipes, ideas, and explorations with you! I’m also a college student. You’ll see some of my random (or not-so-random) thoughts, poems, and non-food related ideas posted here as well! Thanks so much for reading. And if you find any inspiration from my work– awesome! I’d love to know :) xoxo, Sabine

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